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Live @ Club Xclusive Little Rock AR July24- 2013



Live @ Club Curtain Dallas TX Aug4-2011




Mission :  To attend the Coast2Coast Mixer Event - put on a Good show and have fun!





HoodGoodGoodie & Willie P @ WareHouse Live


 HoodGoodGoodie & Artist Infinity @Club Exclusive


       HoodGoodGoodie & Christian Rapper WhoITBe RP @Club Curtain


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HoodGoodGoodie music is filled with her life experiences. With Feelings of pride that's priceless some times, you get songs intended to Empower women regardless of how the message is delivered. She's a little rough on the edges but stands firm in redefining meanings of words or the context that "we" use them in. Her goal is to turn every negative into a positive-.....

Searching for a way to cope this world HoodGoodGoodie remains to maintain in her goals and continues to seek the truth that it is her Lord wants her to know. She stays grinding making money because in life she believes nothing matters more than finding your truth to what you were made for. She believes every one needs a helping hand and god has assigned us all roles in life. "Do the research seek the truth and he will reveal things to  you about yourself and this world" she states. "It's all a test and I be damn if I let these Devils catch me slippen ya dig"

HoodGoodGoodie aka SlimGoodie bka DymeSack: young, black, intelligent, creative, caring- and yes she's a rapper started on the scene at the age of thirteen. Growing up in the streets of East Palo Alto, Californ-ia she learned quick that you have to have tough skin to survive. Survivor of a broken home due to drugs and domestic violence HoodGoodGoodie looked to rappers such as E-40, Nas, Foxy Brown, Tupac, Scarface, and the Luniz for a peace of mind. Now at the age of 28 she looks to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for peace of mind, not giving a damn at the stereo types or characteristics that anyone thinks she should be as a "Female Rapper". Back in the early 90's HoodGoodie started out rapping to the sounds of her brother beat boxing. She and her grade school crew ust to get out of school, have sleep overs and try to write raps. They had made up their own formula to rhyming that sparked interest for HoodGoodie that never vanished. She participated in a couple of live shows with her high-school best-friend "MarieKaine" (singer) and was sold that she loved being on stage performing. Not really focused or visualizing the bigger picture at the time HoodGoodie went through many trials and tribulations that eventually lead her to moving to Las Vegas, Nevada Dec 1999 for a new start. She continued to use music as a out let to relieve stress, still not focused on her gift. It was in 2002 that she met Shawnessa (singer) through a mutual friend who also rapped. She invited HoodGoodie to a studio session one day along with another young lady who rapped. They came up with a track that day that was passed on. As an outcome in 2004-2005 she grouped up with 3 young ladies to form the group called "HEAT". They did several performances for an opportunity to be signed to Sony Records, turns out the people "executives" who showed up to these different events were actually ex-employees of the label who really didn't have the connections to move forward. The group fell apart and had it's Destinys Child moment before anything Great could be accomplished. One rapper and singer went one way, and one singer and rapper went their own way. Going by the name of DymeSack at the time, HoodGoodie and Shawnessa aka ShawnyRed broke off into their own duo team "Deuces Wild" and continued to try to succeed, but decided to take a different direction. They decided to go completely independent and started their own record label "Tha Coldest Heat Records". They weren't sure how to go about managing things, eventually ShawnyRed took a break from the scene while HoodGoodie continued to chase the dream. She knew that ShawnyRed was down for whatever, whenever, and that she was only taking a break. Due to HoodGoodie relocating to the south in 2008 the two ladies have not been able to link back up with each other ~ but in between time ShawnyRed has revamped herself with a new name ~(sorry cannot share artist wants it to be a surprise) and new music, soon to be released. Considered the cream of the crop, specializing in being an artist that performs, writes, and is the dedicated creative mind behind herself, HoodGoodGoodie Refuses to Not BE Heard-  she will continue to strive to the top!!! Co-Founder of HoodGoodieGirl MuSic & Tha Coldest Heat Records "It's on" That's why She's In A League of Her Own- She has no time for fake sh** and broken promises.

Since she has ventured into starting her own Label and doing things all “HER WAY”, she has released Album Entitled “In A League Of Her Own” early Feb. 09 and three mix-tapes entitled “I’m Good” released 2009, “I Am Mrs.GOOD” released 2009, & "Temperamental" released 2010 which can be downloaded @ Datpiff.com. In May 2011 her song "All About Me" was accepted and added to UnderWorldMixRaido.com rotation. On Nov 3 2011 her song "So Hood Good" Top the Charts at #7 for the Top 10 Most Requested, remained at #8 for the week. This same single as of 6/02/2012 Tops the Charts at #4 Most Requested. July of 2011 selected through Sonicbids by Earth Entertainment, HoodGoodGoodie received the opportunity to perform live at Club Curtain for the Dallas HipHop Bash Preview Show Event  for the Dallas Music Festival. She performed live August 3, 2011 along with artist such as Anonymous Culture, Union Ent, Flawless Ent, and BlackBoss Ent, and many other great Independent Artist. Also in July of 2011 two of her songs single "So Hood Good" and song "Not For Sale" from album "In A League of Her Own" were selected to be featured on "HipHop Sounds Of The Underground" Cd due to be released Dec 2011 hosted by DD Hip Hop Label. Considered and selected by NewHotMusic.com Sept 2011 HoodGoodGoodie was offered the opportunity to do Meet-N-Greet Events with fans and store customers at FYE, Sam Goody & Wharehouse Stores. Unable to take advantage of this opportunity yet, it remains to be a stepping stone opportunity that will be seized. In Oct 2011 MadeLoud.com featured her in the "Editors Pick Article" by Adam Schragin entitled "Ladies Who Rap" featured as 1 out of 6 New Females Rappers being introduced to the music industry. That month HoodGoodie also received notification of her single "Hurt So bad' being added to online internet radio station Rukus Radio & GRM780 Radio. Nov 2011 Madeloud.com again featured HoodGood, this time in a article entitled "Covers Galore" ~ Things are moving slow however this dynamic fierce lady will not let the game fade her off the scene. So stay tuned – 2012 ALL New Projects Soon to be Released *

(Message from Goodie)*
In stead of going the route of the ever so popular "I'm A Bad Girl theory" my whole aim is in reference to being a "GOODIEGIRL" "Good Girls Always Win" type of theme. The message is brought in complex way -you could consider me your non-traditional christian keeping it real, raw & uncut. Once you get to know me you find I am a very sensitive/anger filled person in which for that reason you never know what you may get, when I am put to the test. Cool, Calm, & Collected with the tendency to spaz out, but trust and believe I don't mean no harm..lol j/k :) anyhow so serious about life I am on a mission and live everyday like there's no tomorrow. Knowledge is Power and I highly suggest THE WORLD TO PICK UP A BOOK -IT'S NOW OR NEVER-...._B-I-B-L-E _YA DIG!!_

~You'd have to listen to my music as a whole to get a better understanding of who I am and what I am about.
P.S.  HoodGoodieGIRLS Always Win!!






Single: Hurt So Bad

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****REAL SHIT**** You know many have much to say about Mrs. B but you can't deny that she is a hustler. She has inspired me throughout time to be Fearless and to perform it Like A TOP MODEL BITCH* Even if they don't like it they LOVE IT!! Touched from the Heavens above you can't knock the hustle or the grind of the truly blessed and divine. KNOW THE TRUTH FUCK THE REST AND KNOW YOUR THE BEST! //////////////////////////////////////////////// ************************************** KNOW THE TRUTH FUCK THE REST *******************************


Blessed In SO MANY WAYZ~



SlimGOODIE: In A League Of Her Own

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SlimGOODIE In A League of Her Own gives you dose of what it is and who she is. Hip Hop fusion of old school beats, metal guitar, melodic verses and clever rhymes. ... Slimgoodie. In a League of Her Own. This Cd is like non ever heard.Completely misunderstood but Don't Eva Get It Twisted She Is Mrs.GOOD










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